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'Redline' EP OUT NOW

Taylor Hurst, renowned singer and performer, enjoys a serene moment by the river, finding inspiration for his soulful melodie

thurst. short for Taylor Hurst is a singer/songwriter from Southern California. He has performed with The Filharmonic from NBC's THE SING OFF on The Late Late Show w/ James Corden and on various cruise lines. He is a hockey fanatic who has performed the U.S. National Anthem at the Staples Center, (L.A. Kings) T-Mobile Arena, (Vegas Golden Knights) Gila River Arena, (Arizona Coyotes) and the Canadian Anthem for the AHL team, the Ontario Reign.

He also wrote a song for ICE: The Movie which is now available on Amazon and has recorded an EP full of original songs called 'Redline.' Click here to check out more of his work! 


Singing was never a part of the plan .. it just happened. 


At the age of 13, I noticed speaking was a challenge for me. I realized that it took more effort for me to fully express myself than it did for others. Although my speech blocks were not evident to others, it was something that I had to cope with. The effort it took for me to verbally share my thoughts was taxing.  


I did not realize the impact this invisible disfluency had on me until music entered my life. I was placed in choir to fulfill an elective requirement during my Junior year of high school as it was the only class open. I was not happy about this because I had no interest in singing. The high school choral teacher moved me from my elective choir class up to the advanced choir group that same week. This was an unforeseen event as singing was foreign to me.  His belief in my ability to express myself through song was life changing. Through choir I began my journey of self expression. Once I discovered that singing allowed me to be fluent, I began singing more frequently. 

Singing has taught me many things throughout my life. Most importantly, the way others perceive individuals with differences before getting to know who they are.

Music is my come along and join me on my journey.

Singing is my communication salvation. With each song that I sing, I feel fluent in that moment. Check out my story below, and a song I've written about my personal journey with disfluency. You can access “Speak” below!

-Taylor Hurst

Taylor wows audiences on The Late Late Show with John Legend, delivering a captivating performance
Taylor Hurst shines on The Late Late Show with James Corden, featuring Smokey Robinson. Experience his soulful performance no
Taylor Hurst delivers a memorable performance of the national anthem for the Vegas Golden Knights during their inaugural NHL
Thurst's latest EP, 'Redline,' is now available! Immerse yourself in Thurst's captivating melodies and soulful lyrics. Stream
Taylor Hurst shines alongside Jennette McCurdy in a pilot show performance, showcasing his versatility and charm. Hire Taylor
Taylor performing live at weddings – book now!
Taylor wows as he performs the national anthem for the LA Kings NHL. Experience the magic!
 Taylor's enchanting performance with the Filharmonic on The Late Late Show with James Corden. Don't miss it!
Taylor Hurst, renowned singer and performer, enjoys a serene moment by the river, finding inspiration for his soulful melodie
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